An 18K Rose Gold Swiss Made Fake ARMIN STROM Skeleton Watch

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime – an exceptionally crafted, ARMIN STROM Skeleton mechanical replica wristwatch. The independent Swiss watch replica manufacture ARMIN STROM develops, produces and hand finishes each of its watches in its dedicated workshop in Bienne.


18k rose gold – which ARMIN STROM signifies as the element “fire” – is a popular choice among the brand’s collectors.

The 18k Rose Gold ARMIN STROM copy timepieces in its collection embody the venerable tradition of Swiss watchmaking combined with a modern look and technical prowess. The brand’s signature, on all ARMIN STROM watches, is open-worked designs that reveal part of the interior movement from the dial, celebrating the mechanical artistry of the timepiece.

ARMIN STROM’s Gravity Date Fire combines esthetics with functionality. It’s hands indicate hour, 60 seconds counter and day/night indicator, with a pointer for the date within the same aperture. The clear integration of these features makes the timepiece very user friendly. Swiss Made fake ARMIN STROM’s ADD14 Calibre, created and manufactured in-house, is a true work of art, with a micro-rotor powering the automatic movement with five-day power reserve.