Hand-on Skeleton ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure Water Watch Replica

SERGE: Watch collectors are often obsessed with cars and racing, but you’re a Formula One driver with a true passion for Skeleton ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure Water replica watches. Why is this?

SERGE: Is there anything in particular about ARMIN STROM’s designs that you like?

MAX: The skeletonized design interests me the most, with the wearer being able to see the movement. When I wear my ARMIN STROM I am totally engaged with the mechanics of the watch replica and how the components work together like a small performance. It really is beautiful to look at.

MAX: I think they are similar in so much as the detailed mechanical engineering and aerodynamic design needed to create a Formula 1 car correlates closely to the microscopic detail needed in producing the internal workings of the ARMIN STROM skeleton copy timepieces.


SERGE: What about design?

MAX: The look of the Racing Collection really captures the mystique of racing. The plate and bridges have a rugged feel and their decorations reflect that of an F1 engine in some places. Plus, the bridges on both models are made from authentic F1 material from a Marussia F1 Team race car. This means, I have a piece of that car forever. It’s taking the synthesis to the furthest degree.

SERGE: As a Formula One driver, your work requires strategy, precision and timing. When you’re wearing the ARMIN STROM Racing Gravity, how aware are you of the men fakeĀ ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure watch watch’s mechanical prowess?

MAX: Very aware. Drivers learn from a young age that while a skilful racer makes manoeuvring a course look easy, it also takes unflinching focus and razor quick reactions. It requires mastery and precision, just as it does when creating the Racing Gravity. How the rotor automatically stores enough energy for a five-day power reserve and is able to measure time with such accuracy, is really impressive.