Choose The Cheap Classic ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure Red Dot Replica Watch

The independent Swiss ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure Red Dot Replica Watch Manufacture ARMIN STROM specializes in open-worked and skeleton mechanical timepieces. On all its watches, the company displays the more intricate side of the caliber so it is viewed from the dial side.

The stainless steel fake ARMIN STROM Water Skeleton Pure watch was recognized for excellence in product design in the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Design Award international competition. Two additional models are Skeleton Pure Earth with a case in stainless steel with PVD black and Skeleton Pure Air in titanium. All editions are limited to 100.

Skeleton Pure’s double-barrels create a captivating animation when the watch replica is wound. 3D PVD colorization of the movement’s bridges and main plate in a rich deep brown accentuate the complex architecture of the movement. With an eight-day power reserve, the best fake ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure watch dial exhibits hours, minutes, small seconds and power reserve.