Take A Look At The Pink Gold Roger Dubuis La Monégasque Chronographe Fake Watch

Roger Dubuis La Monégasque Chronographe watch replica is more than a Manufacture, more than a brand: it is its own world. An exciting, animated world. A world where creativity reigns supreme, where originality is king and the pursuit of excellence is truly a driving force.

Sometimes, audacity, spirit and talent will open doors that are reputed impenetrable. In barely fifteen years, Manufacture ROGER DUBUIS has entered the world of Fine Roger Dubuis copy Watchmaking and won the recognition of its peers. Now the company embarks on another chapter in its history and enters a new era.

Roger Dubuis Chronographe La Monégasque watch replica
Roger Dubuis Chronographe La Monégasque watch replica

An era of greater mechanical maturity with the development of innovative movements that exactly meet the requirements of the most demanding connoisseurs; an era of aesthetic maturity with the launch of a new collection with an assertive design. This is also an era of industrial maturity with the implementation of manufacturing procedures that marry the latest technology with the precise demands of the Poinçon de Genève-Hallmark of Geneva. Tighter collections, products that target collectors and connoisseurs, entirely new global communications and worldwide selective distribution all contribute to the exceptional vitality of this daring brand.

Marking 2011 at Manufacture ROGER DUBUIS is the launch of the La Monégasque collection of elegantly contoured timepieces driven by exceptional mechanical movements, each bearing the prestigious Poinçon de Genève-Hallmark of Geneva and including a new chronograph calibre*.

The second highlight of the year is the unveiling of women’s models in ROGER DUBUIS’ iconic Excalibur collection.

A brand that is intentionally extravagant, elegant and worthy of the best in Fine Watchmaking. New worlds will open up fabulous horizons and nurture the history of a young brand that loves to innovate as much as it respects the classic idiom of Fine Watchmaking. This is what makes unique fake ROGER DUBUIS watch .