Swiss Fake Concord C1 Big Date Radar Watch Online For Sale

The new Concord C1 Big Date Radar watch replica, with its raised hour-markers offers a perfectly calibrated display of time that follows its appointed course within an environment blending innovative design with sophisticated technology.

Concord C1 Big Date Radar watch replica
Concord C1 Big Date Radar watch replica

While the steady traffic of the hands follows its assigned path along the textured “runway”, the one dedicated to minutes stands out by gliding under 3D hour-markers hovering above the dial. Enhanced by superluminova, they act like landing strip lights and echo the other luminescent elements such as the date with its hollowed double window at 12 o’clock, and the triangular tip of the small seconds disc rotating continuously at 6 o’clock.

Endowed with a rugged look, a strong character and a distinctive personality, the mens fake Concord C1 Big Date Radar watch asserts its unique style within a black PVD-treated steel frame built according to Concord’s iconic principles of robust case construction. The latter is also black and plays with contrasts and depth effects to ensure optimal readability.

Its smooth-running mechanism is matched by an extremely rugged khaki-colored technofiber strap that injects an even larger dose of energy into this taut, muscular model. The Swiss-made replica Concord C1 Big Date Radar is driven by an automatic mechanism with a 44-hour power reserve.