Closer Look At The Classic Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watch

It’s awfully hard to believe that the Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch has been gone from showrooms since roughly 2007. It’s hard to believe because the Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch, itself, debuted all the way back in 1989 and seemed like one of those omnipresent pieces – especially when it came to buying a piece like the one before you with a so-called “Pepsi” bezel. If my research is correct, Rolex made a Pepsi-bezeled watch in either GMT-Master or GMT-Master II form from the inception date of the line in 1954 through 2007 and then, poof, they stopped.

Rolex GMT-Master II replica

The Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch’s, along with the Submariners, Sea Dwellers, Explorers, Explorer II’s, and even the Daytona’s used trademark old-school Rolex cues like rattling bracelets, clasps, smaller indices/hands and featured slim lugs and small crowns where appropriate. Pieces like the Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch looked like the type of watches you’d actually swim with or not think twice about when rummaging through your toolbox and I get the feeling that today’s GMT-II is treated much differently.

Rolex GMT-Master II replica

Originally crafted in brittle bakelite, the bi-colored bezel of Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch soon gave way to becoming an aluminum inlay and it stayed this way until the model’s demise in 2007. It’s this bezel, in bright or faded form, that’s so damn attractive. And by the way, at various times, the GMT or GMT-II was offered with a Pepsi, Coke , or black aluminum inlay on the stainless models – all are fantastic.

Rolex GMT-Master II replica
The Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch is a great all-around watch – it serves well as the only piece to bring with you on a trip – from the beach to the boardroom. Another word about size comes into play when talking about the case of the Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch and that’s “lightweight”. Of course, it’s not truly a featherweight, but for a watch that looks a lot like a Submariner, it’s much more svelte. The case thickness, crystal thickness and things like the crown and crown guards are all more diminutive. First off, the Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch is like a Submariner, that rare tool watch that can be worn with anything. I wear mine swimming (100m of water resistance is there plus a twinlock crown) and then right into the office the next day. Sure, blue and red might seem to clash with your suit, but it won’t – in fact, it’s a good-looking accent!

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