The Classic Yellow Gold Omega Speedmaster Professionals Replica Timepiece For Sale

This Yellow Gold Omega Speedmaster Professionals replica model goes by the reference BA 145.022 and has a total production of only 1,014 pieces. In 1969, after the Apollo 11 moon landing, Omega decided to produce a commemorative Yellow Gold Omega Speedmaster Professionals replica model in all gold – gold case and bracelet and even a gold dial. Instead of the black bezel with tachymeter scale, Omega installed a burgundy-colored bezel.

Both of these luxury fake Omega Speedmaster watches are in the Omega museum in Bienne, Switzerland. The other 28 gold Speedmaster Professional models were offered to the astronauts who were present at the dinner. Later on, Omega did a few more individually numbered and engraved versions of this watch for astronauts from the Apollo 14, 15, 16 and 17 missions.

These first 30 watches were presented to VIPs during a gala dinner at the Hotel Warwick in Houston on November 25th, 1969. Number 1 was offered to U.S. President Richard Nixon, who declined the watch. Number two was for his Vice President Spiro Agnew, who also declined it.Of these 1,014 pieces, the first 30 were individually numbered and engraved with the names of their receivers.

This is the most exciting Omega watch there is, because it was meant as a gift for the achievements of these astronauts.

Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watch
Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watch

The models that were offered to the VIPs have the following text engraved: “To mark man’s conquest of space with time, through time, on time.” All other pieces have the “The First Watch Worn on the Moon” horizontally engraved and “Apollo XI 1969” engraved below that. The remaining watches from that original 1,014-piece production run were made available to the public. These models have, of course, no specific name engraved on the (slightly different) case back.

They already had been using the stainless steel Speedmaster Professionals during their missions – which they officially needed to return after each mission, as the watches were considered NASA equipment – and then received an impressive gold Omega replica of that very same watch.